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01 Aug

Buying Guide: What's in the price?

Posted by Daal's Home in Prices

 Our prices are highly competitive, we offer the best possible quality for affordable rates because we really believe in our products and want you to love them as much as we do. Once you purchase bedding from us, you are unlikely to buy high street bedding ever again. Our quality is reflected in a number of our choices:


We ONLY use premium natural fibres in our beautifully made bedding solutions. Not only are they environmental superior but they also benefit from a number of unique advantages such as being highly absorbent, temperature regulating and anti-allergy. Natural fibres not only look fantastic but they also feel beautiful too and are so much easier to care for and maintain than more synthetic choices.

Thread Count

The thread count of a specific fabric is the number of threads that are woven into each square inch of that fabric. Our duvet sets and sheets go up to an 800 thread count while our bed sheets go up to a 1000 thread count. The more fibres that are woven into a fabric, the more durable that fabric will be. It will also benefit from more of the wonderful properties of that individual fabric and will feel substantial smoother and more pleasant. Our thread count is much higher than anything that you will find on the high street, yet our prices are still manageable. We are offering you the best quality for a fraction of the price.

Read more about what is thread count here


Double-ply or Single-ply

Some companies use double-ply yarn to double their thread count. If there were 300 double-ply yarn threads in a single square inch then they may state that it was a 600 thread count because of the doubling element of the yarn. Double-ply yarn feels heavier and more bulky than the smooth single-ply. We ONLY use single-ply in all of our products because we appreciate that thread count is ONLY ACCURATE if it refers to individual threads and we want our beautiful designs to benefit from the most luxurious and highest quality fabric choices.


Number of different colours in pattern

Poor fabric choices and spared expense means that most high street bedding sets use a very limited colour palette. They often use 5 different colours or less. We want our designs to stand out with their rich blends and sumptuous colour palettes which is why our designs benefit from over ten different distinct colours. This means that our designs look much more alluring, artistic and expensive.


Reactive dyeing vs pigment dyeing

It is unlikely that you have ever consider the dyeing methods of your bed linen before, but our choices are a further example of our meticulous attention to detail. We always use reactive dyeing to add colour and design to our bedding. Pigment dyeing is a cheaper option, and is known to make fabric much stiffer and weaker. Fabrics have been known to tear easier when they have been exposed to pigment dyeing methods rather than reactive ones. In many cases pigment dyeing also loses its colour through rubbing, which makes it a poor choice for bed linen.

Pigment dyes do not produce such rich and vibrant colours and designs produced through pigment dye methods often lack depth of colour. It is also very difficult to colour-match precisely when using pigment dye and results can be patchy. Pigment dyeing is much quicker than reactive dyeing, but we would much rather put in more time, effort and money than to offer you products of a lower standard.

Detailed Finishing

It is the finer details that make any high-quality product stand out against its cheaper alternatives. With so much effort being put into selecting the finest fabric choices and realising the most vibrant, intricate and exciting designs, we weren't going to neglect the opportunity to make our bed linen really special. Each piece has been finished with the utmost care and attention to ensure that it is the highest quality product available.

We offer piped edge duvet sets which add a beautiful contrast to an exquisite design, as well as looking refined and elegant. Other duvets benefit from a rolled edge which looks much tidier and more professional than a simple seam. These details may take a little bit longer to execute, but we feel that they make a substantial difference to the overall finish of each piece and we are proud to include them in our beautiful designs.

Some of our designs even feature delicate embroidery to bring the design to life. We don't believe in cutting corners. We know that if we provide you with the finest possible bedding in the most alluring and desirable designs that you won't ever want to go anywhere else for your bedding needs, and why should you? Everything that you could possible wish for in the perfect bed linen is available at Daal Home Textiles.

01 Aug

Buying Guide: How to choose the right patterns?

Posted by Daal's Home in Patterns

Once you have selected the fabric for your bed linen, you then need to consider what sort of pattern you would prefer. 


Floral designs are lovely for bedding as they don't date, and often a variety of colours are used so they can tie in with a colour scheme while introducing other colours into the mix. We offer classic and traditional floral designs as well as more contemporary and unusual patterns. We understand that duvet choices can really reflect your personality. Most of our duvets are double-sided, meaning you can expose a corner for a touch of contrast or even flip the cover on alternate nights to add variety to your bedroom décor. With our varied and interesting designs you are sure to find a number of different duvet sets that you are drawn to, so you can vary the look and feel of your bedroom with your bedding alone.


Solid Colour

As your bed is the centre point of your bedroom, it makes sense to dress it carefully. We understand that floral designs are not to everyone's taste and sometimes something in a solid block of colour is more appealing. Our Natural Linen Border set benefits from being understated and minimal and would match any décor, while our Blue Grey duvet set looks sleek and stylish and could easily be bright to life with some more vibrant pillow and throw cushions if desired. 

01 Aug

Buying Guide: How to choose the right fabrics?

Posted by Daal's Home in Fabrics

When you think of the amount of time that is spent in bed, it makes sense to make careful choices when it comes to choosing your bed linen. Whether you are looking for something stylish or sophisticated to add a touch of class to your bedroom or want something comfortable to accommodate a pleasant night's sleep, it really pays to put a little consideration into your bedding choices.

Here at Daal's Home we offer a full range of bed linen that includes contemporary and traditional designs, meaning you will find something to suit any bedroom design as well as your specific tastes. We don't just care about interesting and alluring designs though. Our attention to detail carries through to our fabric choices in all of our duvets, pillowcases, sheets and bedding options. We also ensure that we give you the best quality for the best possible price. We understand that the options available can seem a little overwhelming, so we've broken it all down for you to ensure that you choose the perfect bedding for your needs.

Our duvets are available in single, double and king sizes so you can benefit from a stylish Daal's duvet set no matter what size bed you have, making Daal's the ideal choice for the entire family.

Fabric Choices

We offer bed linen in a variety of different fabrics; including 100 % pure cotton, bamboo and cotton blend and tencel and cotton blend.


------- Pure Cotton -------

We offer a variety of designs in 100% pure cotton. From the refined elegance of the Monticello 300TC Pure Cotton Duvet Cover Set to the vibrant modernity of the Rosemary 250TC Cotton Duvet Cover Set, there is something to suit everyone. Those who prefer their bedding to have a more traditional floral feel may be drawn to the soft lavender tones of the Chantilly duvet cover set. There are plenty of designs available, each exhibiting a unique theme and feel and a variety of stunning colour palettes.

Pure cotton is beautifully soft, but it is also highly durable. It can withstand being washed at a high temperature and will last for many years. It feels smooth against your skin and benefits from a superbly crisp finish that adds a touch of finesse to any bedroom setting.

Cotton is perhaps the easiest fabric of all to care for and because it is a natural fabric it breathes more easily than synthetic or blended fabrics meaning that you will benefit from a really comfortable night's sleep when you choose pure cotton bedding. Cotton maintains its shape, is highly absorbent and doesn't cling on to smells like synthetics can.

Cotton has so many properties that make it the ideal fabric for bedding, which is why we offer such a full range of cotton duvets, cotton sheets and cotton pillow cases.


------- Bamboo and Cotton Blend -------

From the fresh and contemporary feel of the Allure Watercolour set with its vivid aqua tones to the understated sophistication of the Mandalay set, we offer a variety of designs that are available in Bamboo Cotton Sateen. As with all of our designs, they are available in single, double and king sizes and matching pillowcases are available for each of our designs in the corresponding fabric.

Bamboo is being used more and more lately, as it is an environmentally responsible fabric choice. As a natural fabric, it breathes beautifully, just like cotton and it feels really luxurious and silky. Bamboo has its own special lustre which means it is often mistaken for more luxurious fabrics such as cashmere and silk. It also benefits from natural antibacterial properties and is great for reducing odours. Bamboo is wonderful for keeping you cool during hot summer nights. It is a highly durable fabric and is easy to look after.

We have made a selection of duvet sets in Bamboo Cotton Sateen because they really benefit from the wonderful qualities of both fabrics. They are durable, breathable, natural and easy to look after. They also benefit from an incredible smoothness and a decadent silky sheen. This choice is ideal for anyone suffering from allergies and feels absolutely divine for those who like a little luxury at an affordable price.


------- Tencel and Cotton Blend -------

Tencel is a natural man-made fibre, it is made from wood pulp and is highly sustainable and ecologically sound. Many people are drawn to this fabric because of the environmental benefits. Tencel is also beautifully absorbent which means high-quality dyes can be used to achieve really vibrant and exciting displays of colour. Our Agapanthus Blooms and Seti-Mccraw designs are both gloriously colourful and alluring and are available in Tencel cotton blend.

Tencel drapes beautifully and feels delightfully soft and smooth. It is naturally anti-bacterial and is the perfect choice for sensitive skin. It is immensely durable, so you know it will last. Being combined with cotton means that it benefits from all of the advantages of cotton bedding too.

01 Aug

How to Create the Ideal Sleeping Environment

Posted by Daal's Home in Buying Guide

A good nights sleep is essential, and is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and feeling more alert the next day. We often brush aside key factors in our sleeping environment to help maximise our sleeping potential, causing a bad nights sleep and often leading to feeling sluggish to next day.

What we aren’t aware of is something as minor as temperature, darkness, or materials can be disrupting our sleeping pattern. Studies have shown that the majority of people sleep better at cooler temperature. However, slightly cheaper bedding sets with cost effective materials can cause us to sweat and feel hotter. 

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, somewhere you look forward to ending your day in. Creating the right sleeping environment is all about creating the perfect bedroom for optimum sleeping. Choosing the right colours and patterns can make all the difference within your room, as well as the right bedding choice.

Bedding can be a crucial component in maintaining a balanced temperature and maximising your ultimate comfort. Most bedding on the market now is sold at a low cost, but contains cheaper and less effective materials. This can be what is causing irritation and increasing temperature within the room, leading to a less relaxing nights sleep.

 At Daal's Home, we sell only the finest quality, helping you to sleep easier and more comfortably. Our high quality natural fabrics are 100% cotton, bamboo/cotton blend and tencel/cotton blend, creating a soft and luxurious look and touch. Our customers have been consistently satisfied with the quality of our bedding and how a small change made a huge difference in their sleeping pattern.

Calming and soft textures, designs and colours can be extremely effective in creating a relaxing bedroom environment. Our soft and floral designs are perfect for calming your senses before bedtime, whilst also offering an attractive design with a pop of colour. We would suggest those with problems sleeping choose a more muted colour design, helping to relax and wind down within your bedroom.

Plum is a gorgeous colour to help relive senses during the night time, whilst still adding colour during the day. Our Ella Purple Flower Bamboo Cotton Santeen Duvet Cover is a perfect plum design, whilst having a soft satin feel. With the bamboo cotton, it contains all the natural fabrics, preserving a softer feel and working to keep you cool while you sleep.

We offer a variety of other patterns and colours, most in very high thread count (250 thread count and up) and all bedding is designed with 100% natural fabrics. We receive 100% customer feedback on all of our products, from the floral designs to the fantastic feel and quality. We offer competitive prices to those on the market, with our prices being almost half the cost of other brands.

Making these small changes of colour choice, design and opting for high quality bedding can help make all the difference. With a finer choice in materials, this can help to reduce temperature, as well as leaving you well rested due to the soft and more luxurious feel.


17 Jan

Cotton Fibre & FAQ

Posted by Chris Jenkinson in Fabrics

What is cotton?

Cotton is a soft fibre that grows around the seeds of the cotton plant.The cotton plant briefly produces cream and pink flowers that once pollinated are replaced by fruit, better known as cotton bolls. Cotton fibre grows in the seed pod or boll of the cotton plant.Each cotton boll usually contains 27-45 seeds. Attached to each seed is between 10,000 – 20,000 tiny fibres about 28mm in length.

The fiber is most often spun into yarn or thread and used to make a soft, breathable textile.Current estimates for world production are about 25 million tonnes or 110 million bales annually, accounting for 2.5% of the world's arable land.

Benefits of pure cotton over synthetic fibres such as polyester or polycotton:

  • Cotton breathes better than oil-based synthetic fabrics like polyester, and it is moisture-wicking which is particularly good if you are troubled by night sweats.
  • Cotton keeps its freshness and does not retain odors like oil-based fabrics. It releases stinky substances more easily than other fabrics once it’s in the washing machine.
  • Cotton is low maintenance --- let your machine do the laundry and save money on dry cleaning.
  • Cotton is completely free from the annoying static clinging because the natural firbes do not hold any electric charge.

What is the "long staple cotton" mentioned in description?

The highest quality cotton is long staple cotton. "Staple" means the length of the cotton fibre attached to the seed in the cotton boll. Staple, aka the length of cotton fibre, is the main determining factor in the quality of the cotton. Staple lengths are divided into short (between 3/8” to 15/16” in length), medium (between 1” to 1-1/8” in length), long (between 1-3/16” to 2-1/2” in length) and extra long in some cases.

Long staple cottons are considered to be finer quality because they can be spun into finer yarns and those finer yarns can be woven in to softer, smoother, stronger, and more lustrous fabrics. Long staple cottons make stronger yarns, especially in fine yarns, as there are less fibers in a given length of yarn and the longer fibers provide more points of contact between the fibers when they are twisted together in the spinning process.

Benefits of long staple cotton:

  • extra comfort.
  • easy to wash and does not wrinkle easily as short/medium staple cotton would do.
  • less piling.

What does thread count mean?

Thread count is simply the number of threads per square inch of fabric. These consist of vertical threads (warp) and horizontal threads (weft) woven together. Thread count is a general metric on product quality and price. In general high thread count delivers better quality as more fibres are woven into the product. However the overall quality is a complex combination of not only thread count but also other attributes such as dyeing (for printed bedding) and finishing process.