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01 Aug

How to Create the Ideal Sleeping Environment

Posted by Daal's Home in Buying Guide

A good nights sleep is essential, and is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and feeling more alert the next day. We often brush aside key factors in our sleeping environment to help maximise our sleeping potential, causing a bad nights sleep and often leading to feeling sluggish to next day.

What we aren’t aware of is something as minor as temperature, darkness, or materials can be disrupting our sleeping pattern. Studies have shown that the majority of people sleep better at cooler temperature. However, slightly cheaper bedding sets with cost effective materials can cause us to sweat and feel hotter. 

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, somewhere you look forward to ending your day in. Creating the right sleeping environment is all about creating the perfect bedroom for optimum sleeping. Choosing the right colours and patterns can make all the difference within your room, as well as the right bedding choice.

Bedding can be a crucial component in maintaining a balanced temperature and maximising your ultimate comfort. Most bedding on the market now is sold at a low cost, but contains cheaper and less effective materials. This can be what is causing irritation and increasing temperature within the room, leading to a less relaxing nights sleep.

 At Daal's Home, we sell only the finest quality, helping you to sleep easier and more comfortably. Our high quality natural fabrics are 100% cotton, bamboo/cotton blend and tencel/cotton blend, creating a soft and luxurious look and touch. Our customers have been consistently satisfied with the quality of our bedding and how a small change made a huge difference in their sleeping pattern.

Calming and soft textures, designs and colours can be extremely effective in creating a relaxing bedroom environment. Our soft and floral designs are perfect for calming your senses before bedtime, whilst also offering an attractive design with a pop of colour. We would suggest those with problems sleeping choose a more muted colour design, helping to relax and wind down within your bedroom.

Plum is a gorgeous colour to help relive senses during the night time, whilst still adding colour during the day. Our Ella Purple Flower Bamboo Cotton Santeen Duvet Cover is a perfect plum design, whilst having a soft satin feel. With the bamboo cotton, it contains all the natural fabrics, preserving a softer feel and working to keep you cool while you sleep.

We offer a variety of other patterns and colours, most in very high thread count (250 thread count and up) and all bedding is designed with 100% natural fabrics. We receive 100% customer feedback on all of our products, from the floral designs to the fantastic feel and quality. We offer competitive prices to those on the market, with our prices being almost half the cost of other brands.

Making these small changes of colour choice, design and opting for high quality bedding can help make all the difference. With a finer choice in materials, this can help to reduce temperature, as well as leaving you well rested due to the soft and more luxurious feel.


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