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01 Aug

Buying Guide: How to choose the right fabrics?

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When you think of the amount of time that is spent in bed, it makes sense to make careful choices when it comes to choosing your bed linen. Whether you are looking for something stylish or sophisticated to add a touch of class to your bedroom or want something comfortable to accommodate a pleasant night's sleep, it really pays to put a little consideration into your bedding choices.

Here at Daal's Home we offer a full range of bed linen that includes contemporary and traditional designs, meaning you will find something to suit any bedroom design as well as your specific tastes. We don't just care about interesting and alluring designs though. Our attention to detail carries through to our fabric choices in all of our duvets, pillowcases, sheets and bedding options. We also ensure that we give you the best quality for the best possible price. We understand that the options available can seem a little overwhelming, so we've broken it all down for you to ensure that you choose the perfect bedding for your needs.

Our duvets are available in single, double and king sizes so you can benefit from a stylish Daal's duvet set no matter what size bed you have, making Daal's the ideal choice for the entire family.

Fabric Choices

We offer bed linen in a variety of different fabrics; including 100 % pure cotton, bamboo and cotton blend and tencel and cotton blend.


------- Pure Cotton -------

We offer a variety of designs in 100% pure cotton. From the refined elegance of the Monticello 300TC Pure Cotton Duvet Cover Set to the vibrant modernity of the Rosemary 250TC Cotton Duvet Cover Set, there is something to suit everyone. Those who prefer their bedding to have a more traditional floral feel may be drawn to the soft lavender tones of the Chantilly duvet cover set. There are plenty of designs available, each exhibiting a unique theme and feel and a variety of stunning colour palettes.

Pure cotton is beautifully soft, but it is also highly durable. It can withstand being washed at a high temperature and will last for many years. It feels smooth against your skin and benefits from a superbly crisp finish that adds a touch of finesse to any bedroom setting.

Cotton is perhaps the easiest fabric of all to care for and because it is a natural fabric it breathes more easily than synthetic or blended fabrics meaning that you will benefit from a really comfortable night's sleep when you choose pure cotton bedding. Cotton maintains its shape, is highly absorbent and doesn't cling on to smells like synthetics can.

Cotton has so many properties that make it the ideal fabric for bedding, which is why we offer such a full range of cotton duvets, cotton sheets and cotton pillow cases.


------- Bamboo and Cotton Blend -------

From the fresh and contemporary feel of the Allure Watercolour set with its vivid aqua tones to the understated sophistication of the Mandalay set, we offer a variety of designs that are available in Bamboo Cotton Sateen. As with all of our designs, they are available in single, double and king sizes and matching pillowcases are available for each of our designs in the corresponding fabric.

Bamboo is being used more and more lately, as it is an environmentally responsible fabric choice. As a natural fabric, it breathes beautifully, just like cotton and it feels really luxurious and silky. Bamboo has its own special lustre which means it is often mistaken for more luxurious fabrics such as cashmere and silk. It also benefits from natural antibacterial properties and is great for reducing odours. Bamboo is wonderful for keeping you cool during hot summer nights. It is a highly durable fabric and is easy to look after.

We have made a selection of duvet sets in Bamboo Cotton Sateen because they really benefit from the wonderful qualities of both fabrics. They are durable, breathable, natural and easy to look after. They also benefit from an incredible smoothness and a decadent silky sheen. This choice is ideal for anyone suffering from allergies and feels absolutely divine for those who like a little luxury at an affordable price.


------- Tencel and Cotton Blend -------

Tencel is a natural man-made fibre, it is made from wood pulp and is highly sustainable and ecologically sound. Many people are drawn to this fabric because of the environmental benefits. Tencel is also beautifully absorbent which means high-quality dyes can be used to achieve really vibrant and exciting displays of colour. Our Agapanthus Blooms and Seti-Mccraw designs are both gloriously colourful and alluring and are available in Tencel cotton blend.

Tencel drapes beautifully and feels delightfully soft and smooth. It is naturally anti-bacterial and is the perfect choice for sensitive skin. It is immensely durable, so you know it will last. Being combined with cotton means that it benefits from all of the advantages of cotton bedding too.


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