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01 Aug

Buying Guide: How to choose the right patterns?

Posted by Daal's Home in Patterns

Once you have selected the fabric for your bed linen, you then need to consider what sort of pattern you would prefer. 


Floral designs are lovely for bedding as they don't date, and often a variety of colours are used so they can tie in with a colour scheme while introducing other colours into the mix. We offer classic and traditional floral designs as well as more contemporary and unusual patterns. We understand that duvet choices can really reflect your personality. Most of our duvets are double-sided, meaning you can expose a corner for a touch of contrast or even flip the cover on alternate nights to add variety to your bedroom décor. With our varied and interesting designs you are sure to find a number of different duvet sets that you are drawn to, so you can vary the look and feel of your bedroom with your bedding alone.


Solid Colour

As your bed is the centre point of your bedroom, it makes sense to dress it carefully. We understand that floral designs are not to everyone's taste and sometimes something in a solid block of colour is more appealing. Our Natural Linen Border set benefits from being understated and minimal and would match any décor, while our Blue Grey duvet set looks sleek and stylish and could easily be bright to life with some more vibrant pillow and throw cushions if desired. 

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