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01 Aug

Buying Guide: What's in the price?

Posted by Daal's Home in Prices

 Our prices are highly competitive, we offer the best possible quality for affordable rates because we really believe in our products and want you to love them as much as we do. Once you purchase bedding from us, you are unlikely to buy high street bedding ever again. Our quality is reflected in a number of our choices:


We ONLY use premium natural fibres in our beautifully made bedding solutions. Not only are they environmental superior but they also benefit from a number of unique advantages such as being highly absorbent, temperature regulating and anti-allergy. Natural fibres not only look fantastic but they also feel beautiful too and are so much easier to care for and maintain than more synthetic choices.

Thread Count

The thread count of a specific fabric is the number of threads that are woven into each square inch of that fabric. Our duvet sets and sheets go up to an 800 thread count while our bed sheets go up to a 1000 thread count. The more fibres that are woven into a fabric, the more durable that fabric will be. It will also benefit from more of the wonderful properties of that individual fabric and will feel substantial smoother and more pleasant. Our thread count is much higher than anything that you will find on the high street, yet our prices are still manageable. We are offering you the best quality for a fraction of the price.

Read more about what is thread count here


Double-ply or Single-ply

Some companies use double-ply yarn to double their thread count. If there were 300 double-ply yarn threads in a single square inch then they may state that it was a 600 thread count because of the doubling element of the yarn. Double-ply yarn feels heavier and more bulky than the smooth single-ply. We ONLY use single-ply in all of our products because we appreciate that thread count is ONLY ACCURATE if it refers to individual threads and we want our beautiful designs to benefit from the most luxurious and highest quality fabric choices.


Number of different colours in pattern

Poor fabric choices and spared expense means that most high street bedding sets use a very limited colour palette. They often use 5 different colours or less. We want our designs to stand out with their rich blends and sumptuous colour palettes which is why our designs benefit from over ten different distinct colours. This means that our designs look much more alluring, artistic and expensive.


Reactive dyeing vs pigment dyeing

It is unlikely that you have ever consider the dyeing methods of your bed linen before, but our choices are a further example of our meticulous attention to detail. We always use reactive dyeing to add colour and design to our bedding. Pigment dyeing is a cheaper option, and is known to make fabric much stiffer and weaker. Fabrics have been known to tear easier when they have been exposed to pigment dyeing methods rather than reactive ones. In many cases pigment dyeing also loses its colour through rubbing, which makes it a poor choice for bed linen.

Pigment dyes do not produce such rich and vibrant colours and designs produced through pigment dye methods often lack depth of colour. It is also very difficult to colour-match precisely when using pigment dye and results can be patchy. Pigment dyeing is much quicker than reactive dyeing, but we would much rather put in more time, effort and money than to offer you products of a lower standard.

Detailed Finishing

It is the finer details that make any high-quality product stand out against its cheaper alternatives. With so much effort being put into selecting the finest fabric choices and realising the most vibrant, intricate and exciting designs, we weren't going to neglect the opportunity to make our bed linen really special. Each piece has been finished with the utmost care and attention to ensure that it is the highest quality product available.

We offer piped edge duvet sets which add a beautiful contrast to an exquisite design, as well as looking refined and elegant. Other duvets benefit from a rolled edge which looks much tidier and more professional than a simple seam. These details may take a little bit longer to execute, but we feel that they make a substantial difference to the overall finish of each piece and we are proud to include them in our beautiful designs.

Some of our designs even feature delicate embroidery to bring the design to life. We don't believe in cutting corners. We know that if we provide you with the finest possible bedding in the most alluring and desirable designs that you won't ever want to go anywhere else for your bedding needs, and why should you? Everything that you could possible wish for in the perfect bed linen is available at Daal Home Textiles.